You Can’t Get Married-Pay Of Air Hostesses, Marriage, And Birth Of Children Approval

The Career dream job of Air Hostess i.e. Air Hostess seems quite attractive to most of the youth whether male or female but when we talk about Air Hostess it means female air hostess.

The field of air hostesses is very important for most women, mainly because their salaries are very good and they get the opportunity to travel to new places through air travel.

Career-So today you will know how much air hostess salary is, why air hostesses are prevented from getting married and what it takes to become an air hostess.

While the journey of the plane flying in the sky is important in itself, the female hostesses career in the plane are also the center of interest of the passengers
Now the word cabin crew is used for air hostesses instead of air hostesses because now the role of men in the hostesses has also increased, but since we are talking about female hostesses career, we will tell you about air hostesses. . These air hostesses who are responsible for hosting air passengers are not ordinary women, but in addition to being highly educated and adopting career, they also have to go through strict training stages to become air hostesses and many restrictions are imposed on them.

Categories of Air Hostess 

Although it can be demanding, a job as a flight attendant offers plenty of opportunities to travel. After earning your bachelor’s degree, professional certification can help start your flight attendant career. These lists include some of the major airline categories. Flight attendants:
  • Demonstrate use of safety and emergency procedures during flight and ensure passenger safety.
  • During short and long flights, flight attendants are responsible for ensuring the comfort, safety and support of passengers.
Ground staff:
  • Responsible for meeting the needs of passengers before, during and during the flight. They are also responsible for answering passengers’ questions, providing flight information and making sure they have no problems during the flight.
 Sky Marshall
  • A professional blackmailer with a secret license or false threat experience who flies a commercial airliner to prevent arrest.
Despite being cheap, now usually only certain people choose air travel, so there are many criteria for choosing air hostesses for hosting in this travel. Just as the age and height of young men are seen as mandatory for army recruitment, similarly, along with education, color, appearance, age and height are the basic requirements for air hostesses. Until recently, air hostesses were prohibited from marrying while on the job, and air hostesses who wanted to marry had to lose their jobs, and even if someone got permission to marry, they were not allowed to have children at all. You will never see air hostesses being fat in the plane, so air hostesses use more water and salad in their meals to maintain their fitness, eat barley flour bread, do not use tea and coffee. And eating cakes and chocolates is out of the question and girls of 20 to 26 years are preferred for air hostesses. For the information of those who think that air hostesses are very happy traveling to new countries, let us tell them that in any job, one gets tired of monotony and if you look at the faces of air hostesses, Due to constant travel and lack of sunlight, the natural color fades.

In today’s era, the height, weight, shape etc. of air hostesses are as important as before, but now they are not restricted from marriage, now different airlines allow air hostesses to marry and also give them holidays. provides and even in Pakistan, if the air hostess has been employed for 4 years, the organization allows her to marry.

In different airlines of the world, long-term leave is also given on the birth of a child after marriage until the child is 6 months old. This is because after marriage, girls usually gain weight and their size also changes, along with giving birth to children, they also face other household responsibilities and problems.

Regarding the salary of air hostesses, the salary of air hostesses in international airlines can be from 4 to 10 lakhs, while the salary of air hostesses in domestic airlines operating within the country can be from 3 to 5 lakhs. However, in Pakistan and such In developing countries where the economy is not very strong, air hostess salaries are even lower.

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