Outfits that best suit your holiday wardrobe

Outfits that best suit your holiday wardrobe

Holiday travel has its own special kind of charm. What makes this time of year so joyful is the tradition of loading up on comfy fabric and carefully wrapped presents before setting out on a short journey. There are a few things to remember while fabric sourcing and putting together an outfits for travel, whether by aircraft, train, or vehicle. According to White + Warren president Catherine Morrissey, who spoke with TZR, “multi-functional things make your appearance less fussy and your baggage lighter” while traveling. This year marks the silver anniversary of the company’s cashmere travel wrap, which has become an instant classic and an essential item for frequent flyers like Morrissey. While out and about, the wrap may be worn as a stylish scarf, and later in the day, it can be thrown over a dress as an extra layer. It’s the children’s cushion or the warm blanket.

Various co-founder of the many fashion brands, agrees with this sentiment, emphasizing the need of packing versatile pieces that may be worn in a variety of ways. The Celine Skirt and Corinne Cardigan in mulberry by Lisa Yang are my go-to vacation combo. These items will keep you warm and cozy on the journey, and once you arrive, you may mix and match them in an unlimited number of ways. “Five stars for the cheerful hue!”

Focal point

As we’ve already said, a large scarf may double as a stylish wrap for keeping your neck and shoulders warm on flights when the temperature might drop unexpectedly. You should wear yours with a leather coat and some basic white pieces for the colder months, such as a cotton t-shirt and some light denim. Use a scarf in a vibrant, in-season color, such emerald green or cranberry red, to draw attention to your ensemble.

A time for sweaters

Alternatively, if you don’t feel like donning a scarf, a sweater will do the trick just as well. This is a great tip for individuals who are always on the go, since it allows for more variety in your outfits options while reducing the bulk of your luggage (and, if you’re like that kind of thing, it looks effortlessly stylish). Add a bright suitcase to your ensemble of a knit sweater, khaki trench coat, and baggy pants.

Ingenious style

Packing for a trip is all about finding the right balance between practicality and individual expression, so make sure your fabrics are comfy but still reflect who you are. Start with a loose foundation piece, such a soft jacket and wide-leg trousers, to convey the impression that you pulled this outfit together quickly. Then, round off the ensemble with some one-of-a-kind accessories, such as a vibrant baseball hat, chunky flats, and a purse. (Tip: if you’re going to be wearing the sandals below in cold weather, you should probably throw in a pair of warm camp socks.) It’s comfortable and intriguing enough to read on a long journey.

Wear and go

If you like simple, timeless looks, don’t overthink your holiday travel ensemble; instead, throw on your favorite pair of jeans, a classic trench coat, and a cozy sweater. Sneak in your go-to kicks, and finish off the ensemble with a clutch that really pops.

In the meantime, put on your PJs

Avoid the subway in your red-and-green flannel pajamas, but if you’re driving to your destination, a silk pajama set is quite acceptable. If you accessorize with a sleek purse and ballet flats, this set may double as a holiday gesture. If it’s very frigid, you may even add a long coat on top.

Bottom line 

Traveling by vehicle or rail allows you more versatility in your outfit choice than flying, since layers may be added and removed without too much hassle. You know that every inch of space on an airplane is precious, particularly if you had to book your trip at the last minute and wound up in the center. The standard for what constitutes a “simple outfit” is a warm, wrinkle-resistant fabric that can yet make its wearer seem polished and put together. In addition, she emphasizes the need for casual footwear before attending holiday parties. I think it’s a great idea to wear fuzzy Birkenstocks on the aircraft and then switch into a pair of colorful heels like the Rivka Knot Platform by Loeffler Randall once you land.

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