“Ticket In Black” The Legend Of Maula Jatt Repeats History.

In the last 15 years, when Shoaib Mansoor’s ‘Khuda Ke Ley’ and Bilal Lashari’s ‘War’ graced the cinema, it was said that ‘Pakistani film industry was born’, but this time when the film “The Legend” When watch ‘Off’. Maula Jatt’, you will forget the first birth of the film industry.

You must first understand this when trying to buy tickets for this movie because it is not possible to get tickets according to the time and seat you want.
People waited till the 2:30 pm show to watch Maula Jatt, which aired on Friday.

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In the age of Netflix, when the Bollywood film industry stood with its hands tied in front of the media service, if you see the faces of the fans coming out of the Pakistani movie theaters, you are dying of joy. and uncertainty, so understand that film a “legendary” job.

“The Legend of Maula Jat” written by Bilal Lashari is a film freed from the limitations of time, language and story. It depicts Punjab from the 19th century or earlier. When there was no electricity and no government, not even the police. Where you will see a bit of Game of Thrones and another Colosseum of Gladiator. This is what a 21st century mulagot would have looked like.

This movie keeps you enthralled from the first scene to the last one with strong cinematography, visual effects, action and dialogue. The main idea and actors are borrowed from Maula Jatt of the 70s.

Many dialogues written by Nasir Adeeb have also been transcribed verbatim. Either ‘Nawan Aya Ain Sohnia’ or ‘Maula Nu Maula Na Mare Te Maula Nahi Marda’ The story of Bilal Lashari’s film revolves around the struggles of a family of ‘lost’ Punjabi boys named Mula Jat and Noori Nat. In which Noori is a traitor while Maula jat knows “justice” and seeks revenge for the killing of his family in the past. Hamza Ali Abbasi has done Noori Nat justice. Be it dialogue or action, if you have seen old Maula Jat, you will be confused for a moment if it is Hamza Ali Abbasi speaking or Mustafa Qureshi? Fawad Khan also played the role of Maula Jat very well.

Mahira Khan as Mukho (Mulajit’s lover) and Humaima Malik guest star as Noori Nat’s sister, Daru. Gauhar Nafees appeared as Makha, Noori Nat’s sister. The violence in the film is shot according to Hollywood standards. Maybe that’s why the fans are as surprised as they don’t expect it. The lack of music in the film is a question mark out of nowhere.

This is the first Pakistani film with a budget of more than fifty crore rupees, for the filming of which is set in the entire village. Some parts of the film like the use of the “death pit” of the fairgrounds and the Greek wrestlers’ camp were just commercial and how to shoot it, the director got what he was looking for.

Old Maula Jatt doesn’t show a hero and a villain playing with each other, but Old Mulajit shows an unexpected dance in many places to complete the 12 spices. Which makes the theater roar with laughter.

Some filmgoers may have objections to Urban Punjabi or the Punjabi accent of several actors, but the film’s grandeur has overshadowed such issues. Now let’s see how Maula Jatt performs at the box office. And which records does it hold?

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