Interesting Features of the Samsung Galaxy A03

Samsung Galaxy A03

Samsung mobile phones have always come out with an excellent range of hidden functions that are both intriguing and practical at the same time. So we will focus on Samsung Galaxy A03.  I’ve tried many of them in the past, and my favorite is the Samsung Galaxy S22 Ultra 5G. They genuinely know what their premium consumers would want to acquire. However, it doesn’t imply that the corporation is going to disregard their budget-friendly mobile phones. This is also the case with the Samsung Galaxy A03.

A couple of my close friends and coworkers possess this phone, but they don’t know how to take full benefit of such a smartphone. I got my hands on the A03 from a buddy, and when I showed him some of the secret functions that the phone has to offer, his mind was blown. That’s why today, I’m going to highlight a couple of these fantastic hidden features that may truly enhance the entire experience of the phone.

Therefore, these are the things that we’ll discuss in this A03 essay.

  • 4 secret features of the Samsung Galaxy A03 you should know
  • Should you buy Samsung Galaxy A03 in 2023

With that stated, let’s go right into the hidden features of the phone that I’m very sure you would appreciate.

4 secret features of the Samsung Galaxy A03 you should know

As I noted before, Samsung has always made care to incorporate as many hidden functions in a phone as possible since they know that consumers enjoy playing with their gadgets. That’s why they’ve concealed them so you may enjoy the pleasure of discovering and employing them.

Unfortunately, most of the people I know don’t really care about such things since they aren’t particularly tech-savvy, but if they knew such features, they would absolutely enjoy them. A few months ago, a buddy of mine handed me his Samsung Galaxy Z Flip 4 for a few days, and during that time, I made sure to locate as many hidden functions in it as possible😅.

The same was also true with the Samsung Galaxy A03, although I only had approximately a few hours with the phone, so I could only locate a handful of them. However, each of them is fairly distinctive and beneficial at the same time. Here are those hidden characteristics that are certain to attract your notice.

1. Navigation Bar

If you’ve always been a fan of the gesture navigation system on phones like the iPhone 14 Pro Max or the iPhone 12 Pro, then you’re in luck. In the A03 phone, you have the opportunity to achieve a completely usable screen by changing the navigation bar from button based to gesture-based.

Since I’m now using a used iPhone 12 Pro, I know how entertaining the gesture navigation system is. So, when I noticed the feature on the A03, I instantly switched it on. This option is accessible under the display area in the settings, where you may also modify a few crucial aspects like sensitivity and suggestions. Definitely one of my favorite aspects.

2. Edge Panel

You may be thinking, “What is an edge panel?” Actually, this is a really handy function that many Android handsets have begun to incorporate. It’s more or less like a shortcut area on your screen from where you may access any program you’ve previously placed to the screen.

This function is also accessible in the display area in the configuration, and if you turn it on, you can simply swipe from the edge of the screen and receive a few applications that you commonly use. If you enable this function in the Samsung Galaxy A03, then you’ll find that there are a few alternatives for the edge panel for you to pick from. Choose any one of them, and you’re set to go.

3. Double Tap Wake & Sleep

Now, this a function that I used a lot with my old Android phones since the side button and the fingerprint sensor on them became damaged😅. So by activating this option, I could quickly wake up the gadget by just double tapping on the screen and similarly putting it back to sleep.

Just make sure that while turning off the display, double-tap on an empty spot on the screen. When I tried it in the beginning, I always tapped on some program, choice, or link that transported me somewhere else😅. This option is accessible under a menu labeled (unfortunately) “Advanced Features” in the settings.

4. Pop-up View

If you’re acquainted with a feature called PiP mode, then you can gain a better grasp of this capability. When you need to search for something up in one app and do something else at the same time, this capability is quite beneficial.

To utilise this feature, all you have to do is press on the app icon by navigating into the frequently used app area and choosing the “Open in pop-up view” option.

Should you buy Samsung Galaxy A03 in 2023

Now, the key issue to ask is whether you should purchase the Samsung Galaxy A03 in 2023. More than a year has gone since this phone was introduced, and because it’s made for budget-conscious folks, you wonder whether it’s still decent.

From what I can tell from using it, it’s a perfectly solid phone, both spec-wise, and performance-wise. I’ve seen several 2023 mobile phones that have fallen short in terms of performance, but this phone is still pretty decent.

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Plus, they also provide loads of accessories like smartwatches, earbuds, and lifestyle goods. So, give them a visit if you’re seeking an excellent A03 at an exceptional price.

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