Hot Wheels Coloring Pages

Hot Wheels Coloring Pages

Hot Wheels Coloring Pages. Hot Wheels have been part of every children’s toy that is obsessed with the car since 1968. Apart from their great attention to detail, the speeds that the plastic ramps went, slightly exceeded by 300 miles per hour. What is the main cause behind it? The funny toys were created by a strange engineer who worked on rockets and knew the drill with speed and safety. They were played by around 41 million people since they arrived on the market and could cost everything.

Since this legendary Toymaker deserves some praise, we have prepared a few coloring pages with hot Wheels that children will certainly love, accompanied by some fun facts about the brand. If you are looking for coloring pages, then you are at the right place because we share many types of adult coloring pages like Christmas coloring pages, Halloween coloring pages, dog coloring pages, cat coloring pages, dragon coloring pages, horse coloring pages, and snake coloring sheets.

New hot wheels coloring pages


We start this collection of Hot Wheels coloring pages with a classic model and a very interesting fact. Did you know that the hot and Barbie wheels are part of the same family? The brain behind hot wheels is Elliot handler and his wife is the one who invented Barbie. Both toy lines exist under the Mattel Company and were loved by children around the world. While Barbie first appeared and hot Wheels appeared a few years later, both toys were just as successful.


This car looks like a science fiction SUV and we are sure that every boy would like to imagine behind the Wheels. Of course, many girls choose to play with hot wheels and not play with dolls. You will certainly appreciate these hot Wheels. Hot Wheels was originally called Big Wheels, but after a little brainstorming, the name was changed to what we now know. Some claim that it comes from the creator who wonders whether people see all of these personalized models that plan to create as “hot”. Well, the children made it safe!


This desert beetle is a very fun car with which you can play. So why shouldn’t it be a funny thing to color? Since the Creator of Hot Wheels wanted to develop personalized products that would surprise fans, children can now create their versions with these printable Hot Wheels to experiment. This car can have all the colors that children want and can also be adapted for entertaining reasons. Drawing some contrast lines on the body of the car or coloring the wheels and crackling orange and green can be a great way to make them unique.


If you wonder why we present these hot Wheels coloring pages, we have the answer for you. With such an infamous and unforgettable brand, we simply couldn’t neglect them! Hot Wheels only sold over 16 million cars in 1968 and have since entered billions of houses. In addition, it is estimated that 8 cars are bought every second, which is a rather impressive result.


Hot Wheels Coloring Pages

This car model seems pretty unique, right? Many of the models in this list are very popular, but how can you say if you have an old unique hotrod? View of the tires. The oldest models that are now highly rated have a thin red circle on the tires. In the end, Mattel stopped doing it, but when they put their hands on such an old model, they hold something very valuable. Can children guess which models can be collected among those that can be seen on our hot Wheels?


Over the years, Hot Wheels has worked with many popular brands, including DC comics. They created a variety of vehicles inspired by Batman, the Joker, and many other infamous comics. With over 10 models from Batman Create, this can easily happen as one to them. The coloring of everything in the tones of dark blue, black, and gray can certainly make Bruce Wayne appear behind the wheels and save the world.


Isn’t the car on this printable side to be a vehicle from Mars or the moon? We think! And if you believe that toys cannot be instructive, we are here to show that you are wrong. Hot Wheels worked with NASA twice to reproduce some of the space vehicles used to collect data from Mars. The most recent cooperation was in 2012 when they created a Curiosity Rover Toy model. Children with an interest in space will certainly love to get their hands!


One of the most amazing items about hot Wheels is the imagination of the creators. While many models were created to replicate the vehicles of pop culture, real or fiction, the vast majority of them are unique and tailored to the brand. Cars are personalized iterations of popular vehicles all over the world and their uniqueness shows how much we can do with our imagination. By coloring our printable catch, children can also exercise their creativity and still adapt cars.


This is a very popular model that only debuted two years ago and exists in four variants with great colors and fun prints. Perhaps the children want to reproduce their model and give them some new colors or are inspired by the existing models that are referred to as hyper rockers. Children are also free to add their properties to the car and to adapt them as far as possible, as this is one of the best things in color.


The latest model on our list is also rather classic and can simply be adapted with different colors, drawings of motifs, or new functions. Children can also draw the trail on this machine, so fill the space. The fact that there are more hot Wheels in the world than machines should say something about the popularity of these toys. If your children are enthusiastic about hot Wheels, you will certainly have fun coloring these funny sides.

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