Frequently Asked Questions about Yumqua Trackball Mice

Yumqua Trackball Mice


Yumqua is a brand name of computer peripherals, and it appears that they offer a trackball mouse product. A trackball mouse is a type of computer mouse that uses a ball, rather than optical or laser tracking, to detect movement. The ball is housed within the mouse and can be rotated with the user’s thumb, index, or middle finger to move the cursor on the screen.

A trackball mouse is often used as an alternative to a traditional mouse for people with repetitive strain injuries, arthritis, or other physical conditions that make it difficult to use a standard mouse. It can also be used as an alternative for people who prefer not to move their arm to control the cursor. In addition, some trackball mice are designed for use with both hands, making them suitable for left-handed and ambidextrous users.

General FAQs that are commonly asked about trackball mice:

How does a trackball mouse work?

  1. A trackball mouse works by using a ball that is housed within the mouse and can be rotated to move the cursor on the screen. The ball is typically located under the user’s thumb and is rotated to control the movement of the cursor.

Is a trackball mouse better than a regular mouse?

  1. It depends on the individual user’s needs and preferences. Some people find that trackball mice are more comfortable to use and provide better control, while others prefer traditional mice. It’s important to consider factors such as hand size, grip style, and personal preferences when deciding which type of mouse is best for you.

Can a trackball mouse be used for gaming?

  1. Yes, some trackball mice are designed for gaming and offer high precision and quick response times. However, traditional mice are still more commonly used for gaming due to their popularity and widespread availability.

Can a trackball mouse be used with a laptop?

  1. Yes, many trackball mice are designed to be used with both desktop computers and laptops. Some models even include a USB dongle that can be plugged into a laptop’s USB port to provide wireless connectivity.

How do you clean a trackball mouse?

  1. To clean a trackball mouse, you should first unplug it from your computer. Then, remove the ball from the mouse and clean it with a soft cloth or cotton swab. You can also use a damp cloth or a mild cleaning solution to clean the surface of the mouse. Be sure to allow the mouse to dry completely before reassembling it and using it again.


    In conclusion, the Yumqua trackball mouse is a type of computer mouse that uses a ball to detect movement and control the cursor on the screen. It can be a useful alternative to traditional mice for people with physical conditions or those who prefer a different method of cursor control. The FAQs covered in this discussion provide a general overview of the functionality and usage of trackball mice, and offer answers to common questions about this type of device.

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